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Energy Resilience Supports SpaceX Mission

NASA’s Johnson Space Center is utilizing the benefits of energy resilience, built by ESG, to ensure mission-critical operations like the International Space Station

Congratulations to NASA and SpaceX for the successful launch of Crew Dragon! NASA astronauts arrived at the International Space Station aboard the first commercially built and operated American spacecraft to carry humans to orbit, marking a new era in human spaceflight. Energy Systems Group (ESG), a CenterPoint Energy company, takes pride in helping NASA increase energy resilience at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (JSC), home to the International Space Station mission operations, the nation's astronaut corps, and a host of future space developments. ESG partnered with NASA to design and operate a combined heat and power plant which is capable of operating as an islanded microgrid to help ensure the continuity of mission-critical operations. Click here to read the Department of Energy's project profile on ESG's microgrid installation at JSC.
















Source: The U.S. Department of Energy Southcentral Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership

(Top Photo Source: NASA/Tony Gray and Tim Powers | First Slideshow Photo Source: NASA/Cory Huston)


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